LinkedIn will join a number of popular services that have decided to compete with TikTok – following YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Netflix, the ability to watch short videos similar to YouTube Shorts will also appear in the online network of professional contacts.

This innovation, which has already been officially confirmed by LinkedIn, was first noticed by McKinney’s Chief Strategy Officer Austin Null. He posted a short video on LinkedIn, showing off the feed, which is placed in the navigation bar in a new “Videos” tab. By clicking on the “Videos” category, the user will be taken to a vertical scrollable feed. You can share the video or leave a like or comment under it.

The new feature is in the testing phase, so most users do not have access to it. At the moment, it is also unknown on the basis of which algorithms recommendations for a particular audience will be selected – it is only known that the video feed should increase the reach of the social network and user engagement. Monetization of this function following the example of YouTube is not excluded.

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