Introduced back in 2018 in Amazon grocery stores, the Just Walk Out self-checkout technology provided that the customer scanned a QR code at the entrance to the store, and cameras on the sales floor scanned the goods he chose, and at the exit of the store, without a cash register and a cashier, the total amount of purchases was automatically withdrawn from the customer.

However, the reality, as expected, turned out to be somewhat different from the advertising picture: customers often received receipts for purchases only a few hours after leaving the store, and even for the wrong order, and it was difficult to protest it after the fact. And the most interesting thing is that the system, declared as an AI tool, turned out to be, of course, intelligence, but not artificial, but quite human – in fact, cashiers were simply moved outside the stores. More than 1,000 real people from India sat behind the cameras and watched the recordings, distributing purchases among customers, and it cost a lot of money and did not provide economic benefits.

On top of that, Amazon is facing a lawsuit in New York accusing it of collecting biometric identification information without properly notifying consumers of the practice. The Just Walk Out technology, which Amazon has actively but unsuccessfully tried to sell to other retailers, will remain in select stores in the UK, while in the US it will mainly use a different system, Dash Carts – a scanner, screen and scales built into the shopping cart. The buyer will simply scan the selected product and pay for it on the spot. Self-service counters will appear in Amazon Fresh stores for those who are not members of the Amazon program.

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