The Meta-owned social network Instagram is developing a new Blend feature for the Reels short video feed. The feature should recommend Reels to you and your friends, curating content based on the videos you share with each other and personal interests. It was discovered by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, and internal testing was confirmed on Instagram.

Details about how Blend, which is obviously designed to attract as many users as possible to the platform, are currently scarce – but the essence of the feature is that an Instagram user and one of their friends will open new Reels together, instead of sharing them in private messages. So, it’s likely that Blend will have an indicator that the other person has already seen a certain video – and two users with access to the feed will be able to discuss what they watched.

TikTok doesn’t have a similar feature, so it can be an Instagram advantage. However, when Blend will see the light of day, and whether it will happen at all, is also still unknown. Not all features that pass internal testing are converted into the final product.

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