# viber

Viber (Viber, Viber or Vibra) is an application for smartphones that allows you to write messages and call other users for free. It also offers Viber Out service — paid calls to mobiles and landlines in almost any country in the world.

Viber works on Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Bada, and Windows, OS X, or Linux computers. Also supports video calling.

The software integrates into the address book and is authorized by phone number. You can download Viber from the official website of the program, we do not recommend downloading it from third-party resources.

The program was created at the end of 2010 by Russian Igor Magazinnik and Israeli Talmon Marko.

Initially, the application worked only on iOS, in 2011 a version for ASndroid was released, and in 2012 – versions for Windows Phone, Bada and BlackBerry.